Learning through play, naturally

Located in north Oak Bay, Gonzales Cooperative Preschool offers engaging part-time programs for young children to play, explore, learn, and grow.

Two children climbing an old tree trunk in a forest.

Become a part of our tradition

Since 1953, Gonzales Cooperative Preschool has provided Victoria families with quality early childhood education rooted in nature and community.

Our lead ECE, Angela

Exceptional Educators

Experienced, educated, passionate, and totally over-qualified: our educators are the beating heart of our preschool community.

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A child playing with playdough

Play-based Philosophy

Our aim is to keep alive the wonderment and awe that are natural in children, by empowering curiosity through the power of play.

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Parent and child

Parent Participation

As a cooperative preschool, we give parents the precious opportunity to be involved throughout their child's preschool experience.

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Outdoor and indoor classrooms, lots of engaging play spaces.

Classrooms designed to inspire

Natural outdoor playground

Our well-planned outdoor classroom is full of a variety of natural play invitations to encourage imagination and cooperation.

Inviting indoor play areas

There's always something to explore in our engaging indoor classroom, where each day brings new opportunities to play, create, build, pretend, and experiment.

Nature preschool, every day

We spend half our time outside each day, year-round, because we believe children belong and thrive in nature.

Three children digging in the sand

A nurturing place for the whole family

"Everything about Gonzales Preschool has exceeded our expectations: from the parent education nights; to the awesome people I met on the Fundraising committee; the fun field trips; the wonderful traditions; and the safe and creative classroom. You are the gold standard!"

- Jo

"We really feel we lucked out, stumbling into a spot for R at Gonzales. It’s a very special place and it has been a meaningful experience, all the magic and wonders you create for the kids there. You have a way of making all of the kids feel special and all of the families feel included. It’s a terrific community of people! "

Hui + Matt

"Thank you for four years of an amazing and gentle introduction into being away from home and in the loving care of teachers for our two children. The focus on play, friendships and exploration has been so crucial to their growth and we so appreciate your dedication to these priorities! Thank you for adding so much magic to these special years."

Sarah + Mike

"We feel like we won the lottery when we got a spot at Gonzales Preschool. This is such a special place for these sweet little souls to begin their journey through school. Thank you for all that you do and the lessons you taught them. A strong foundation has been laid."

Kellie + Mike

"It’s hard to sum up what you have come to mean to us. I am a better parent because of you and the Gonzales community. Our children are so lucky to have had you as their teacher. Thank you for your endless patience, for seeing our children’s gifts and being an amazing role model for all of us."


"My daughter is very shy, but she feels very safe and comfortable in the preschool. The teachers are so patient and always encourage the children to have fun. My daughter and I really enjoyed our time at Gonzales Preschool."

Shoko K.

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Learning through play, naturally.